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The Wingless Dreamer Community was coined by an Indian writer Ruchi Acharya in 2019 to bridge the gap between emerging writers and traditional publishing. Ruchi’s community is a global platform for those who truly believe in themselves and are passionate about writing, art, and designing. It’s the dream of her community to create a space where authors or artists are free to express themselves.

Wingless Dreamer works with writers, artists, and designers to strengthen cultural regeneration, both in big cities and smaller towns across the globe. Our community has slowly but steadily grown with artists and writers from all over the world. Over time Wingless Dreamer became the main stage for well-known professional writers and artists to express themselves, all at the same place.

We envisioned a community where writers and artists would be invited to publish solely based on the merit of their writing and creative skills. The Wingless Dreamer community connects all essences of writing, illustrating, editing, marketing, and promoting on a single platform so that authors and illustrators don’t have to go through the hardships of the publishing processes and focus on their work. The Community members become part of the family and are guided, supported, and encouraged on every step they make towards their writing and art career. The members can get access to free critiques, reviews, marketing, and in some cases funding for their work.

Our Wingless Dreamer team spends lots of time and energy creating as many contests as possible on different themes every quarter so that writers and artists can truly enjoy their experience with us.

The community is still growing and its accomplished authors and artists speak for themselves.



  • Supported 1600 writers and artists by providing free editing, proofreading, critique reviews services, promoting, and in some cases funding for their work by November 2021.

  • Globally awarded winning honorariums and prizes to the winners, offset publication cost, and curated online promotions worth $3000 on the self-funding capacity to date.

  • Build product designs and integrate the sales pipeline on renowned online platforms such as Walmart, Goodreads, Bookswagon, Barnes & Noble, Thriftbooks, Tri-valley writers, and Amazon. 

  • Developed and managed the website for the past year and gained adequate monthly visitors by applying SEO techniques to improve online visibility and page ranking.

  • Coordinated with team members to hold 41 writing and art contests for writers and artists from all around the world between the year 2019 and 2021.


I’ve been busy sharing your wonderful attributes as a press with members in

my poetry groups so that they may also be aware of such a terrific place to submit their work to since you run so many varied themed contests there should be something

there for almost everyone. 

I appreciate your praise and your opinion matters so much, it really does.  It pleases me when I please others.

I think that is a very important part of being able to feel gratified and satisfied with something you set out to accomplish.


Thank you so much for all your efforts and support that you gave to me in past few months. I'm very happy to receive the book as it is my first time when my poem got published and I want thought to show my gratitude to you through this mail. Hope we get to work together again in the future and wishing you all the best for future endeavours




It is a great joy for me that a kindhearted editor of a journal like you has liked my poem. Thank you again. I am hundred percent willing to publish my poem, "Oh beautiful beloved" in The book issue called Diversity: There's a beauty in that too. Be happy in life this is my heartfelt wishes to you.





I am Arnaldo Batista, author of a poem that your publication has chosen to enter in your “Fruits of our Quarantine” contest. I am simply sending this email to first thank you for this as I am truly humbled by your decision to accept this poem for publication. I wrote this poem after many nights of night terrors and panic attacks due to my looming anxiety over the pandemic and instant changes the world is going through seemingly overnight. Your validation of this poem is received by such validation and a feeling of triumph that I cannot put into words, so genuinely, thank you


Hi there, I just wanted to say that after reading some of the poetry on Wingless Dreamer, I feel inspired and in awe. I’ve been writing on and off as a hobby for a few years now but seeing what you’ve done and how you’ve built this whole community of writers, I’m really inspired and impressed. You’ve given me just a bit more inspiration to keep working on my projects and for that I thank you.




You'll know what time it is.
New publication! Courtesy of @winglessdreamerlit !!! Though I didn't win, I am honored to be a part of such a beautiful anthology! Thanks a billion.


Wingless Dreamer published ANOTHER one of my poems in their book, "Dawn of the Day". Thanks a million, @winglessdreamerlit for this, I am filled with incredible amounts of gratitude and joy!



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