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  • Worked with the Health and Safety department to give a comprehensive analysis of the historical data for the incidents reported using various statistical models in SPSS and Microsoft Excel.

  • Produced informed, engaging, correlative reports from the government system into a central depository.

  • Coordinated with staff to create new safety measures.

  • Recommended new insights on improving the presentation of the data to track performance in the respective service/ area of business which in turn provides improved Health & Safety performance. Software used for Data Visuals: SAP Lumira, Tableau.



  • Evaluated and addressed the emerging economic challenges to help Glasgow City Council (GCC) target funding opportunities.
    Collaborated with Project Managers, Business partners, and IT partners.
    Conferred with investment experts to expand the portfolio.

  • Created a dashboard using the software SAP Lumira to help GCC to monitor the economic changes in the coming year 2021.

  • Identified and reconciled a variety of key indicators from national datasets (set up using APIs), and link to some GIS data tools in the database.

  • Developed an economic recovery action plan for GCC and presented a roadmap in front of the board members.

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